Some Reasons People Come to Get Assistance 

from Paul K. Olsen



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Paul Olsen

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Paul started in the financial business on October 15, 1973 as a college intern while attending the University of Montana. He started as a life insurance agent and has transitioned to becoming more involved with a broad array of financial products. Currently he offers a variety of different kinds of financial products and services. Rather than assume he knows your needs he prefers to listen to you discuss your personal and professional goals. He likes to ask you questions about your desires and dreams to clarify his understanding of them. Educating the client about different possible solutions so to help you meet your desires is what he prefers to use as his process.

We use a consultative approach to listen to our clients hopes, goals, and dreams. Desiring to help you find the best means to meet your needs is our end goal for our relationship with our clients. How can we best help you with advice if we don’t know your own client’s desires. It has always been our goal to put our customers’ needs first ahead of all else.

If you would like to retire and know whether you can afford to or not, we can help you to determine whether you are able to or not. We can help you understand the likelihood of your running out of money if you live longer than your resources.

Are you trying to figure out if you’re saving enough in your retirement plan to meet your ultimate retirement goals? We can help you determine if you are on track to be sufficiently funded when you do want to stop working and retire.

Are you concerned about the risk level you may have in the current investments you own. Investments should be matched to your risk tolerance and your time line of your goals.


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Laurel Eschenbacher

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Laurel Eschenbacher has 25+ years of experience in the insurance field and has worked as an administrative assistant, an insurance underwriting support technician and an office administrator. Laurel accepted the Office Manager position at Olsen Insurance Services in July 2015 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge, experience, and organizational skills. 

Laurel is married to Alan Eschenbacher, they have three grown children and ten grandchildren.